Alvi Associates, Inc.

About Us

Founded in 1979, during the 1980s Alvi Associates became established as a respected local bridge engineering firm.  Through the decades, we have expanded our services to include integrated structural, water resources, transportation, and geotechnical engineering for a diverse range of infrastructure projects.  Our technical expertise and innovation have been recognized by numerous awards in recent years, including two major national awards, and we are also involved in various engineering research projects.

Why We Are Different


Our managers have an average of three decades of experience and have led many large and complex projects.  Our senior engineers are highly experienced in their areas of expertise.


All of our technical staff are cross-trained. This pays major dividends in terms of expertise, efficiency, and integration of services.

Continuing education

As part of our culture of learning, all of our technical staff routinely receive in-house continuing education, covering both theory and state-of-the-art professional practice.  These sessions include reviews of failure case studies, so that we learn best practices for preventing failures.

Technical library

Our technical library is constantly kept up to date and is one of the largest among engineering firms.

Cohesive, efficient team

We have been able to build a cohesive and highly efficient team because our turnover is low.

Our project management approach

We manage our projects very carefully.  In addition to maintaining long-term and intermediate-term workload forecasts, our technical staff meet every week to review the status of every project.

Quality control

In line with our Quality ethos, we take quality control very seriously.  As part of this process, all of our deliverables are rigorously reviewed by our Project Managers using both client and in-house checklists.  And the proof is in the pudding: we have never faced a single claim in the history of our firm, going back to our founding in 1979.