Alvi Associates, Inc.

Transportation Structures

  • New design for simple and complex bridges (curved beams and plate girders, steel and concrete straight and curved box girders, trusses, architectural piers, post-tensioned integral piers, post-tensioned counterweight abutments, integral abutments, flat slabs with integral columns, rigid frames, etc.)
  • Structural analysis and load rating for simple and complex bridges (stone arches, concrete arches, curved girders, concrete box girders, steel trusses, suspension spans, etc.)
  • Vessel collision study and risk analysis
  • Fender and dolphin design and evaluation
  • Bridge inspection (over 2,000 to date)
  • Forensic investigation, litigation consulting, and expert witness testimony
  • Nondestructive testing and load testing
  • H/H and scour analysis, including tidalĀ scour
  • Geotechnical study and reports
  • Remedial/modification bridge design
  • Historic bridge preservation
  • DevelopmentĀ of structural standards and manuals
  • Culvert design
  • Retaining wall and noise wall design
  • Tunnel design